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quilt & surface design symposium 2021 

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Independent Study (7 days)

Take his wonderful opportunity to work independently with aesthetic and technical support when you need it in a non-threatening and respectful environment. Bring whatever you are working on, or wish to start. Bring images of work that you have done, may be working from, or wish to share. You may choose to bring these as printed images, on your computer / tablet or on a flash drive. Our class always starts with an optional general lively discussion of art and quilt-related subjects, so feel free to bring any articles, books or web addresses of subjects that you may wish to discuss with other class participants.

Earth, Wind, and Fire (5 days)

We will begin with a general interactive discussion on color theory and how this applies to color in nature. After viewing slides and other visual materials, students will make a series of small abstract studies based on the images they have seen. They will then make their own abstract color-rich quilt tops. Piecing and stitching techniques will be demonstrated and discussed where needed. Emphasis in this class will be on color variation and choice, contrasts and subtlety, tonal value, texture and pattern, and finding inspiration from the natural world.

Slow Stitch Satisfaction (2 days)

Relax as you slowly stitch a thoughtful meditative scroll or journal cover using your name, initial or other personal emblem. Using your variety of threads and hand stitches in a peaceful atmosphere, discover innovative ways with hand stitches to make your enriched individual textile treasure. No machine necessary.

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