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The Ongoing Adventures of the Itinerant Artist…


In this series of presentations I have brought together a range of subjects that excite, puzzle, challenge, scare and amuse me and affect my work. Full of exciting visual images and thought-provoking ideas, these lectures are designed to inform, engage and amuse at whatever your level of quiltmaking.

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Kandinsky Quilts 

In this exciting class we explore Kandinsky's abstract shapes, symbolic glowing color and expressive lines.

22 to 26 May

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Image and Imagination

In this class you will find practical ways of generating ideas, developing designs, then editing and paring them down to make several small pieces, developed from your original ideas.

17 to 21 July

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The Thinking Eye

Discover how Paul Klee changed the way we look at and practise art as we explore his extraordinary use of line, abstraction and sensitive whimsy in our own work.

25 to 29 Sept

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