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The Ongoing Adventures of the Itinerant Artist…


In this series of presentations I have brought together a range of subjects that excite, puzzle, challenge, scare and amuse me and affect my work. Full of exciting visual images and thought-provoking ideas, these lectures are designed to inform, engage and amuse at whatever your level of quiltmaking.

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Walk The Line With Hundertwasser   

5 fabulous days online working online.


This is a great opportunity to celebrate the magic lines and color of Friedensreich Hundertwasser! We will take a close look at his much-admired works, and see how he made them sing with color and line. Discover how you can imbue your work with the vitality he achieved as you try several approaches to line and color in fabric, thread, and paper. After daily discussions and viewing of his work, you can do line studies on paper, then explore with fabric and thread to make several small pieces, or you can make one or two larger pieces. You can piece, fuse, and applique and stitch by hand and/or by machine.

30 Jan to 3 Feb

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The Thinking Eye

 5 enriching days online really looking and seeing.

Extraordinary artist Paul Klee changed how we see and practice art and design. This exciting class offers an in-depth investigation and discovery into the artistry and magic of his work to enhance your own design experience. After looking closely and discussing his unique work, you will be guided in making several small fabric studies inspired by his pared-down abstraction, line and sensitive playfulness. The class is supported by rich visual material. Techniques will be demonstrated as needed while focusing on abstract blocks, line and color.

25 to 29 Sept

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