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earth, wind
and fire

20 to 24 May 2024 

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Using nature as a source of inspiration and starting point, explore the magic of color and shape as you discover the myriad varieties and ever-changing palettes of the natural world. 


Explore the range of warm and cool colors in rich earth browns, cool air and water blues and greens, and blazing hot fire colors and use them to create your own series of small abstract color-rich quilt tops each suitable for developing into a larger piece.


General interactive discussions on color theory and the opportunity to view fabulous images of color in nature will focus on color variation and choice, contrasts and subtlety, tonal value, texture and pattern, and finding inspiration from the natural world, Piecing and stitching techniques will be demonstrated and discussed where needed.


By the end of the class students will have heightened their color sensitivity, learnt how to choose appropriate fabrics that best enhance their color choice, short discussions and critique sessions form an integral part of the class dynamic.  

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