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image and imagination

02 to 09 February 2024 

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Where do ideas hide, and how do we find and develop them without being totally overwhelmed?
In this class we deal with all those difficult questions that other people seem to find easy, such as ‘Where do you get your ideas, where do you begin, and how do you know when to stop?’
You will find practical ways of generating ideas, developing designs, then editing and paring them down to make several small pieces, developed from your original ideas.


Discussions and examples will include practical studies in paper and fabric as you sketch, cut and then stitch to make a series of small works, based on your richness of imagination.
Surprise yourself as you work first in paper and then in fabric with the exciting results of vague ideas you were searching for and thought you couldn’t find!
Emphasis will be on composition, positive and negative space and shape, color variation and choice, contrasts and subtlety, tonal value, and pattern.
By the end of the class you will have heightened your design sensitivity, learnt how to expand ideas to create new individual designs that best enhance them, and will have made several small
studies suitable for further development.
Short discussions and critique sessions form an integral part of the class dynamic.

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