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Title: Immersion/Submersion

Description: Water is the element in which we were nurtured. Legends tell of Mankind's need to find it, explore under and beyond it and conquer its moods and dangers. Stories of Noah's Flood and Atlantis are told universally. We relax near it, seek hidden treasures below its depths and plan how to escape its force.

The twin notions of being immersed or submerged alternate in our psyche and seem to echo the currents of my creative life. Are there hidden treasures under there or just a muddy mess? Am I drowning in my work, or is it life-giving and sustaining?

Dimensions: 25cm X 25cm

Hand-dyed and commercial cotton, silk, sheers, beads, sequins. 

Machine pieced, machine and hand quilted and embellished.

Exhibition: Major Minors II

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