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The Ongoing Adventures of the Itinerant Artist…


In this series of presentations I have brought together a range of subjects that excite, puzzle, challenge, scare and amuse me and affect my work. Full of exciting visual images and thought-provoking ideas, these lectures are designed to inform, engage and amuse at whatever your level of quiltmaking.

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Quilt & Surface Design Symposium 2021


QSDS is going virtual this year and I am really looking forward to the new teaching format.  There is an exciting online lineup arranged and I am teaching the following
Session 1 & 2    May 31 - June 6  (7 days) - Independent Study  
Session 3          June 6 - 11   (5 days) - Earth, Wind and Fire 
Session 4          June 12-13   ( 2 days) - Slow Stitch Satisfaction

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