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I am an artist who is passionate about design, color, pattern, and texture. My medium is quiltmaking and I love looking at, feeling and working with fabric and other textiles. With a background in art and education, I teach classes in contemporary quiltmaking.

My inspiration comes directly from the world around me and my life. I want to help my students feel excited by what they are able to do, and to develop a belief in their own abilities.



So what has happened recently and what is still to come?
We had a great class with the Show of Hands hybrid Zoom class for The Stitchin' Post at Sisters! There was a lively and engaged combination of people, some in the classroom, and others working from their homes, in various parts of the US and Canada. We had plenty of informative discussion, looking and doing. The results of what was made by those busy hands will be shown in our Bonus Session on Friday November 18. So Watch This Space to get a glimpse of what happened. Of course, as a normal part of my Zoom classes, the participants all got a recording of each session, and will also have the added Bonus Session later this week. 

I was very sorry that Art Quilt Tahoe decided not to go this route.
However, the Looking In Looking Out class will be available in a different format with loads of great images and ideas, and I will keep you updated about it.

Coming up in the new year are some more classes.
I am teaching Dancing on a Tightrope for a small group, and am excited to be offering two more of my artist-based classes online through Madeline Island School of the Arts.

30 Jan - 3 Feb 2023
25 - 29 Sept 2023

Walk The Line With Hundertwasser
The Thinking Eye

My classes are for students to have fun while they learn, and go beyond where they thought possible. In a non-threatening and respectful environment, I guide students to work in the direction of their own interest so that each person produces individual work. We cover an exciting range of topics with slides, pictures, books and examples. I encourage students to develop a thorough knowledge design and learn to apply these to quilt making with confidence.

37 Kilburn Avenue
South Africa

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